Pre-Pedagogy Panics and Preparations

If I could offer any advice to those who are about to embark upon a PGCE programme, or indeed any programme,, it would be to, in the weeks prior to starting, give yourself plenty of time to get everything in order so that you are just ready to get up and go with minimal stress and maximum rest. This is what I intended to do. Honestly I did, I have evidence, my to do list read as follows …

1 Tidy whole house

2 Hoover all house

3 Clean whole house

4 wash all clothes

5 Iron all clothes

6 Organise all clothes

7 Create a meal plan for the week ahead

8 Buy ingredients for said meal plan

9 Cook a variety of nutritious meals to freeze for packed lunches

10 Make sure all pre course tasks are complete

11 Buy new folders, file dividers and plastic wallets

12 Arrange pre course work in folders

13 Choose an outfit for first day

14 Get hair done

15 Get dog groomed

16 Buy a backpack

17 Buy an array of beauty products to have a relaxing pamper night prior to first day

18 Have a relaxing pamper night.

Now I admit that this list is a little excessive and anybody with a remotely interesting life probably would struggle to find the time to conduct all of the above tasks in the thorough manner which I myself intended. That said, I really would recommend making sure your house is fairly tidy, that you have all the things you need ready the evening before starting and that you give yourself some time to relax the night before. What I would not recommend is the following course of action which I regretfully ended up taking …

1 Realise there are two days before term begins

2 Write a long and unachievable to do list

3 Begin to conduct a laundry operation that keeps you up till 1 AM … (at least next year’s bikini is pressed and ready for some beach action)

4 Set your alarm for 4 AM so that you have enough time the next day to do some house work

5 After an hour of hitting snooze get up in a bad mood and commence bleaching the bathroom

6 When organising your completed pre course tasks into their brand new folders, suddenly realise that you’ve forgotten to complete one of them

7 Realise that completing a timeline of your life requires assistance … call a friend

8 Fuelled on herbal tea, create a pretty damn impressive timeline with Anna

9 Go home and realise that you are to exhausted to pamper yourself or pack your bag for tomorrow … collapse on the bed

10 Wake up an hour later and realise you haven’t printed off a piece of work … call a friend

11 Learn that Jo can’t find her printer cable owing to having moved house recently

12 Set alarm for 4 in the morning to give time for getting ready, making lunch, packing the bag you haven’t bought and getting to the office early enough to print out your work before teaching begins.

It would appear that I had already learned something before even beginning the course. I need to get organised.


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