A Second Attempt

In an unintentionally pertinent way, this Easter weekend has come to symbolise more than just one resurrection. Whether it be down to a recent listening to the Stone Roses most seminal track, or a motivational conversation with Jo, I have decided to take to the laptop keys once again and give this blog thing another go.

So, a brief update –

I am still a PGCE student, still blind and still highly disorganised. I have spent the past seven months attempting to spread knowledge, joy and a great deal of dog hair around the classrooms of the north east. My spare room is submerged under an array of children’s books, crayons, cardboard planets, giant punctuation symbols, masks, pretend pizza slices, puppets, novelty hats and assorted detritus which I am unable to discard for fear it will one day prove to be useful. My fancy-dress collection has increased exponentially and I would now include “laminating” within a list of my hobbies / interests, if ever it was requested of me to compile one. In short, I am having the best time!

However, the reason I have decided to revisit this blog is not to tell you all about the fantastic time I’m having. Indeed,  i have been motivated to begin writing again as I am constantly being told by my family, friends and colleagues that my experiences as a visually impaired prospective teacher may be of benefit to others in my situation. So, (hopefully in a more committed fashion than the last), I intend to give some insight into what it is like to be a blind trainee teacher.


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